Amateur photographer, amateur blogger, and amateur human being: my name is Hannah Nicole Kersse.

I am currently a college student at University of California San Diego, studying political science and am simply trying to navigate my way through this world. I am a creative that loves to express myself in any way possible. I do this through social media, but one of my favorites is through a camera lens. I take photos of life and friends because I have always had a really great eye for it, and it truly brings me pleasure. But recently, my camera was tragically stolen. Although I was incredibly upset by this incident, this has forced me to switch up the way I express myself creatively. I decided to utilize my website still, and have now dived straight into the deep end of blogging. I enjoy putting my thoughts into a concrete form, leading me to write on here whenever I feel inspired or have a feeling. I hope you can find my content interesting, inspiring, or, at the very least, intriguing.

Please enjoy and feel free to contact me at any time.


Instagram: hkersse; Twitter: hnkersse; Tumblr: hyfr-k